FRONTAGES:European scaffoldingwhich serves toadvertise, or traditional scaffold own, very economical.
Protected, historical, renders, painted, Waterproofing of Cornices

COURTYARDS: Scaffolding with or without them.
Plasters, Paint, Gutters, Wood cornices Rehabilitation.

COVERS: flat roof or not passable cover.  Asphaltic sheet system, Filtron slabs, Sloped roof,
Flat tiles, Curve tiles.

FRAME: Underpinning, Reinforcements, Concrete bases, wood frames, metal structures, Concrete frames.

POCERIA: Camp report, Repair galleries, manholes, sewers, etc..

ELECTRICITY: Changing electricity meter, and lines to each home, according to the rules, official newsletter for the company.

PLUMBING:Changing ascending downpipes and hot and cold water, copper, polyethylene, final bulletin.

TELECOMUNICATION: Riti installation, changing entryphones, TV antennas, security cameras, etc.

HEATING: Change boilers central, gas. Thermalpanel installation, etc..

FIRE-PREVENTION:Forced Removal, Garages, detection systems, fire extinguishers, equipped  fire hydrantnewsletter, etc.

LIFTS: civil construction, installation of machines, agreements with references marks

Photo: 26 Paseo del Prado, Madrid. End of Work December 2008
          Architect D.Julio Isovich