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MEDITER, is a consolidated group of companies since 1982 inthe fields of construction, restoration and renovation.
- Mediter manages the restoration of the entire of the building, using the facades toplace canvas banners which finance the work done.
 – Mediter, through his architects, manages the licenses and the  procedures requested by the Town Hall.
-Credit terms until 24 Months.
-Free management of grants and subsidies.                                                                                                            -Company under ISO 9001 Quality Certificate TUV Reinland

One of our main targets is offering our best service attending to client needs.  Therefore, we have the resources and infrastructure needed to ensure a complete and personalized service.

Our aim is turning Madrid a more sustainable city. That is why all the building designs and production processes are studied by our Technical Department in charge of the process planning.

We have awell-defined structure of departments with all of the building trades. Also, we have staff trained in proper safety and healthy. In addition, we have own warehouses, fleet of vehicles and a vertical structure proper to a small-medium construction company.